Athena Bitcoin: SAFT Sale

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Funding Progress: 47%

Soft-Cap $5-Million USD
Target $10-Million USD
50% Discount
Hard Cap $15-Million USD
40% Discount

About The Company

Athena Bitcoin connects the world to decentralized financial systems.

Athena Bitcoin is a high-growth diversified financial institution that is shaping how crypto-currencies are used in the 21st century with strong revenues. The Athena Bitcoin brand stands for integrity and trust across the markets and geographies we serve, especially in our Bitcoin ATM, which enable customers to quickly exchange between physical and digital currencies. Athena’s fleet of 100 Bitcoin ATM are conveniently located in the US, Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina. We are rapidly expanding our services in Latin America and experiencing explosive growth. Athena Bitcoin ATM can buy and sell multiple crypto-currencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum.

Athena Bitcoin also operates—a trusted peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange for individuals to buy and sell bitcoin since 2013. The service allows buyers to receive bitcoin almost-immediately after they make a bank deposit into any one of thousands of bank branches. Sellers are guaranteed to receive their funds with our AI-augmented deposit verification process. In Q4, the service will be launched in South America as Mercado Athena, enabling hundreds of millions of new buyers and sellers.

In early 2018, the executive team of Athena Bitcoin foresaw a growing need for trusted and experienced advisors to help companies, funds, and start-ups access new capital markets created by blockchain technologies. Athena Blockchain is a boutique investment bank that is combining Wall St. experience with Security Token technology to enable new capital formation. The company has partnered with another banking group, 303 Alternatives LLC, which is FINRA registered and approved for the public underwriting of both equities and fixed income securities.

The management team is comprised of financial services veterans who have an average of 15-years of experience leading teams, building technology, managing risk, and serving clients. We take our duties seriously and have always strived for excellence in our compliance with federal and state regulations.

Athena Bitcoin is raising up to $15-million in the form of a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT), which will allow the purchasers to receive common-shares of the company at up to a 50% discount to a public sale in 2019. In this offering, the Company has a pre-money valuation of $30-million and will sell up to a 33% stake on a fully diluted basis. The terms of the offering are only in the SAFT and risk disclosures are in the Confidential Information Statement.

The Numbers

Athena Bitcoin by the Numbers

The Team

Eric Gravengaard
Eric Gravengaard CEO & Founder, Member of Board of Directors

Eric became involved in bitcoin after a successful career as a quantitative trader at some of Chicago’s most prominent proprietary trading firms. He has since founded a successful crypto-focused hedge fund with over a three year track record and a multi-national bitcoin financial institution—Athena Bitcoin. He firmly believes in the power of decentralized crypto-currencies to reshape the world financial system to better serve humanity. He has degrees from MIT and the Booth School of Business.

Eddie Weinhaus
Edward Weinhaus Member of Board of Directors

"Coach" is the founder of several media companies include Blockshopper. He is an Adjunct Lecturer in entrepreneurship at UCLA Anderson. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics, Booth School of Business, and is studying at the Washington School of Law for his JD.

Gil Valentine
Gil Valentine Chief Compliance Officer & Founder

Gil has over 20-years of experience trading equity and fixed income derivatives on the floors of the CBOE and CME. He is a proud graduate of Loyola University in Chicago.

Brian Schwartz
Brian Schwartz Chief Technology Officer & Founder

Brian has led major technology initiatives in high-frequency trading and market data infrastructure. He studied computer science at the University of Wisconsin.

Matias Goldenhörn
Matias Goldenhörn Director of Latin America

Matias has scaled operations for American companies in Latin America such as Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Microsoft, and most recently Yum! Brands as it rolled out over 3,000 KFC restaurants.

Matias Goldenhörn
Ivan Oris de Roa Director of Business Development

Ivan, a native of Argentina, has built and exited several technology companies. Most recently he built and sold Ecnex—the largest hotel WiFi network in Latin America.

The Equity Token Distribution

In 2019, the Company expects to distribute Equity Tokens that represent the Common Stock of Athena Bitcoin, Inc., a Delaware corporation. Those tokens will be in lieu of paper stock certificates and carry the same rights and properties. The equity ownership of Athena Bitoin, Inc. is described below. All investors should read the SAFT document carefully before making any investment decisions. The current SAFT discount rate is 50%.

Equity Token Ownership

The equity ownership of Athena Bitcoin is shown below. The founders of the company will own about half of the company at the conculsion of this funding round. The token holders will own one third of the company. And the remaining equity is owned by a combination of early investors, key employees, and lenders who hold warrants on the common stock of the Company that may be exercised upon certain conditions.

If you have questions about the nature of securities tokens, and specifically how equity tokens can replace paper stock certificates, you should read Eric's whitepaper on Equity Tokens on Medium.

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